LETTER: Closure of Pendle Community Hospital would be a betrayal

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With regard to the review of Pendle Community Hospital, I appeal to those who are proposing its closure to consider all the services provided there.

The out-patient department, the physiotherapy clinic and gymnasium all enable local people, whose medical problems may be making them feel less than able to undertake a long journey, to access a visit to some specialist doctors, to receive therapy, use the gym and have a blood test.

It seems unreasonable to expect people (some of whom do not drive) to travel out of town to access these essential services. I would rather see this sort of service increased at local level than centralised, causing difficulty to its users.

Please remember also that this hospital was built when Reedyford Memorial Hospital, built by contributions from the people of Nelson, was demolished to make way for the M65 and Hartley Hospital, Colne, which was a gift to the people of Colne, was sold to private developers. To now take away the facility which was provided to replace these two buildings would be a huge betrayal of local people who deserve better.


Berriedale Road, Nelson