LETTER: Children’s Fairtrade T-shirt designs were great

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On behalf of the Clitheroe Fairtrade Group who worked in partnership with The Grand for a Fairtrade schools event, I would like to congratulate the 159 Clitheroe school pupils aged between seven to 13 who entered the design a T-shirt competition, for their enthusiasm and creativity!

The pupils were asked to design a T-shirt for Fairtrade in Clitheroe and it showed a lot of thought and research of Fairtrade had gone into their designs. Also their drawing skills and use of colour, made viewing all the entries laid out at once, quite an amazing sight!

Obviously, to select a winner from all the excellent entries was a very difficult task for the guest speaker at the event, Massatoma Mounkoro, a Fairtrade cotton producer from Mali, so 12-year-old Madeleine Coulston, a pupil at St. Mary’s Hall, Stonyhurst, should be very proud of her winning design, which met the brief perfectly!

Plans are being made to exhibit all the design entries at a suitable location, so that members of the community can see for themselves, the talent and creativity of the young people of Clitheroe!


Clitheroe Fairtrade Group.