LETTER: Charity gets unfair coverage

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THE Burnley Express of November 23rd was very typical – almost to the point of tedium.

The articles were the same as appear in every issue of the newspaper: page three, the former Mayor and Mayoress of Burnley handing over a cheque for £27,855 to Pendleside Hospice; page four, Scott Dawson Advertising handing over a cheque for £250 to Pendleside Hospice; page seven, memoribilia from the London 2012 Olympic Games was to be raffled that evening to raise money for... yes, Pendleside Hospice; page nine, a team of walkers completed an 18 mile walk and raised £3,140 for (can’t you guess?)...Pendleside Hospice.

I’m sure Pendleside Hospice is a very worthy cause, but other equally worthy causes and charities in and around Burnley must get fed up with reading, in every edition of the Express, week after week, of all the money being raised for Pendleside Hospice.

A note to anyone thinking of organising a fund-raising event in future: there are many other causes and charities in the locale that are equally worthy, and are probably in greater need of support.

Or is it that the Express only reports on monies raised for... you-know-what?



• THE Burnley Express makes no apologies for the coverage given to the many hours of individual fund-raising that goes on in aid of Pendleside Hospice.

Behind every cheque there is a human story of Burnley citizens giving their valuable time and hard-earned money for a cause that, sadly, touches many people’s lives.

Publicity is given not just to promote the hospice, but to recognise the fund-raising efforts of families, friends and colleagues of the thousands of people whose suffering has been eased by the efforts of the hospice and its dedicated staff.

The Express covers many other fund-raising events in aid of a multitude of organisations, charities and individuals and prides itself in the money it has helped to raise for many such causes over the years.