LETTER: Charities’ wasteful overkill

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Many charities now raise funds by collecting things to sell in their shops. I am in favour of people’s unwanted goods being sold for charity rather than being thrown away but, the collection process seems to have become a free-for-all.

In the days when charities held flag days and house-to-house collections, the local authority would allocate each charity a few days so there was no overlap. Now, not a week goes by without at least two plastic collection bags being posted through my letter box.

Inevitably, many of them get thrown away and, as there is no recycling for them in this area, they are going to finish up in landfill, to the detriment of the environment.

Today (Wednesday, April 17th), no fewer than three bags were posted within the space of two hours. I will not embarrass the charities concerned by naming them, but has the time not come for them to reach a voluntary agreement to stop this wasteful overkill?

Anthony A. Cooper

Peel Park Avenue, Clitheroe