LETTER: Cash spent on Europe could solve pensions crisis

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THE recent one-day strike, in which reportedly two million public sector workers demonstrated against pensions and job cuts, was the largest demonstration against a UK government for many years.

However, while it may have been justified, it did not have much support from the private sector who are also suffering from the same problems, and the disruption caused to the rest of us did nothing to help their cause.

What the unions should consider and the Government have failed to admit is that we pay the EU more than £50m. every day for our membership.

If we did not have to pay out that amount of money, then the cuts in pensions and jobs would be far less, if any. We would also be able to pay off the country’s deficit within a much shorter timescale.

What the union members, along with the rest of the electorate, should now realise is by continuing support for the three traditional pro-EU political parties, nothing will ever change, and the political merry-go-round will continue, to the cost of the rest of us.