LETTER: Bus station signs give impression of ‘one horse town’

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APROPOS the defunct Burnley Bus Station “electronic information display”. After the letter (Express February 3rd) from the town’s respected long-serving retired MP I wanted to add my contribution.

The blank screen gives the impression of arriving in a “one horse town”, which is not the case.

The bus station has recently and deservedly received the Safe Mark award. From the bus station the vista of parks’ department flower troughs and landscaping up to the canal is visually uplifting.

Has a breakdown of the running cost of the system been given? If it is mainly powering the system then that is indeed the aspect that ends the debate.

If it is the cost of programming the system, could it not be incorporated into a course module by UCLan school of engineering or the proposed University Technical College Visions Learning Trust at the Weavers’ Triangle?

At the bus station clear timetables are readily available and stands have clear information. The staff of the information shop are efficient and helpful but I am sure their workload has been increased lately by extra queries.

Owners of NOW concessionary travel cards found the electronic information display a reassuring sight. The homogenous display enabled a traveller to have Plan A in mind, but Plan B or C could be considered in one viewing.

When the Todmorden Curve reinstatement comes to fruition, the bus station electronic information display should be an adjunct of the town’s transport network.

The ones in Halifax and Huddersfield bus stations are alive and well and fully functioning.