LETTER: Burnley wake-boarding plan is ill-conceived

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The planning application for the wakeboard venture on Rowley Lake has been submitted and it is apparent how ill-conceived it is.

The five proposed buildings are actually converted shipping containers painted grey – what an ugly blot on the landscape these will be and hardly a premier facility hoping to attract mass tourism. These are to form the centrepiece of a multi-activity centre based on Rowley, with the council expecting to run wake boarding, canoeing and fishing on this small five acre lake (other sites offering multiple activities of this nature are usually based on 50 acre lakes).

The application does not address concerns raised over heavy metals being deposited in the lake sediment, and as the target consumer group are 14 to 25 year old there are concerns as to what effect these will have on our young people?

The scheme is also proposing to place two floating obstacles on the lake which will be a magnet to youths who swim in the lake during summer fuelled on alcohol. There is no mention of what additional security will be provided to prevent this; I hope the council is not relying on the police to resolve problems like this which are of its making.

The council is looking to operate this site from dawn till dusk over the summer period so no more quiet strolls or picnics for my daughter and I.

Ian Mann