LETTER: Bullying, abuse and bad behaviour at Blessed Trinity

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I HAVE just read the Ofsted report on Blessed Trinity and felt compelled to write this letter.

The report is horrific, though if you are a parent of a child it contains few surprises.

The only real surprise is the head is “shocked”. Why is she shocked?

From speaking with my children and other parents, I am aware bullying goes on at the school, bad behaviour is widespread and verbal abuse of teachers is a daily occurrence.

Not a week goes by without one of my children coming home and telling me of fighting in corridors or classrooms and of appalling language being used at teachers. And yet no action is taken to stop the serial troublemakers. Some parents have moved their children to other schools.

For the rest of us parents, it is a case of seeing what is done to improve behaviour at the school in the hope teachers will be given the tools to deal with the worst-behaving students.

If nothing is done then I, too, will be looking at where my children can receive a good education in safe surroundings.

Over the past few years a large number of good and strong teachers have left the school. Why has this happened? I wait with interest to see what “spin” the school puts on the report and see if any effective actions are put in place.

I am writing this anonymously as I do not want repercussions for my children.

I hope this report will prove to be the watershed for what were two great schools and the head makes the necessary changes to make it a school where children receive a high standard of education in a safe environment.

Then we will have a school we can all be proud of.