LETTER: Blood boiled over ‘ranting reverend’

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I HOPE the Good Lord will forgive me for taking to task a minister of his flock, but my blood boiled when I read Canon Peter Shepherd’s latest missive in last week’s paper.

In the eyes of the ranting reverend, the local political agitator R.J.M. Loebell has been replaced as villain of the piece by UKIP Ribble Valley chairman Simon Kerins. Indeed, if Canon Shepherd is to be believed, Simon is a very poor letter writer of suspect moral fibre.

Wrong and wrong again!

Simon Kerins is, both verbally and in print, an outstanding communicator who conveys his message with clarity and a sincere authority. I know him and am proud to call him a friend, having first come across him a few years ago when he presented a terrific sports programme on the now defunct Ribble Valley Media internet radio station. Simon is well known in the Ribble Valley, not just for his work with UKIP and the media, but for his tireless efforts for local football. He is also a man of deep faith and, dare I say it, much greater substance than the attention-seeking Canon Shepherd.

This time last week, Pope Benedict XVI concluded the time is right to bow out, having accepted that his mind is no longer as sharp as it once was. If Canon Shepherd thinks so little of Simon Kerins’ communication skills, it might be time for him to go the same way.


Great Harwood