LETTER: Billington road signs are waste of money

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I JUST cannot believe that money has been spent erecting needless road signs throughout Billington.

I am sure Lancashire County Council has far better ways of spending its money on important matters like parking in Whalley than these pointless signs. They have even placed signs at the top of Neddy Lane saying it’s a 20 mile-per-hour zone.

Have they no intelligence whatsoever as this lane cannot be even attempted at 5 mph never mind 20. I am sure I speak for hundreds of locals in agreeing it’s such a waste of time, money and, above all, common sense.

Not only are they erecting these signs, but placed on roundabouts on the A59 are sponsored advertising signs backed by the same people. Surely, on a road as busy and fast as that one, the last thing you should be doing is reading advertising boards when trying to navigate those roundabouts.

It seems whoever is in charge of signage needs more lessons in common sense, or are we just getting rid of our budget for the current tax year so we can get the same the following? If that’s the case, spend it on something that matters.