LETTER: Be afraid of UKIP, the new kid on the block

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I was very interested to read Coun. Terry Hill’s letter last week, in response to Kevin Wallace’s correspondence of the previous week.

People can get as technical and statistical as they wish, but there is no doubt more and more people are coming to see UKIP as the sole voice of reason in modern politics.

UKIP is far more than a one-issue party, although it must be said its stance on leaving the EU is in line with the vast majority of the electorate.

David Cameron’s decision to offer a yes/no referendum circa 2017 in the unlikely event of there still being a Conservative government means we will continue to leak upwards of £50m. a day while also having no say on key domestic issues such as immigration and deportation.

It is little wonder Coun. Hill’s letter smacks of someone who, like their party, is running scared of a new kid on the political block.

His farcical assertion that withdrawal from the EU would damage British business can be exploded by the fact the continent’s two richest nations – Norway and Switzerland – thrive on individual free-trade agreements.

Coun. Hill would be well advised to focus on matters in the Ribble Valley, where my daughter, son-in-law and family – like so many others – risk losing picturesque views and more due to the railroading of planning developments.

As far as I am aware, UKIP is the only party taking a stand on the issue is another sign it now speaks for an increasing number of the electorate.

This was once true of the Tory party. As David Cameron famously once said to Tony Blair: “You were the future once.”

Coun. Hill, you and your party were once the future, too.


(formerly a Conservative, but now a UKIP voter),