LETTER: Bawdlands area of Clitheroe in need of work

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the right hand side of Bawdlands, as one proceeds towards town, is well known for flooding, if only to the residents who have suffered with it.

One may note three grids outside one house, which were eventually placed there by our wonderful overlords after a great deal of hassle and heartache. Lancashire County Council, as usual, were completely inactive. No compensation ensued, I believe.

Now there is less flooding, but the debris left by the snow and water remains on that side of the road.

Well, the Liberals have signed up with Methusela’s men, the Tories. Do they talk to them? Does the county councillor who represents our area interlocute with his fellow apparatchiks in his party and/or the pact members from hell? Hell, as it will undoubtedly prove for the party which changes it’s name and colours as often as any Premiership football team?

No mention of sponsors yet in the political arena, but it will come. Schools, jails, hospitals... if you are a member of a national coalition, do you not have any local power to fight for your electors?

We all know the town of Clitheroe is but a minor cog in the intricate mechanism which is the Ribble Valley. We cannot expect the level of service which the outlying and richer, more certainly Tory, areas enjoy, such as Fulwood, but perhaps we could expect a basic level of service?

After all, in the area to which I have referred, there is at least one aged persons’ complex. I am surprised, given the complaints which this housing association and its residents have made to The Horshoe pub over the past two decades, that they have not complained.

But of course, when they leave their compound via the gate, they head off into town and not in the direction of the river and the many facilities which the rest of us enjoy.

A few days ago, we observed the county council repairing some of the freeze/thaw holes in Seedall Avenue. Was that because it is on a bus route? But Low Moor was mainly ignored! Or was it because it is a major taxi route, with several commercial enterprises upon that route? Do they pay business rates?