LETTER: Alleygates only work if they are kept locked

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After reading an article in the Express on Tuesday, January 3rd, entitled “Alleygate plan to beat cuts”, I’m astonished to see the council is even considering spending yet more money on alleygating here in the Duke Bar area, when they know some of the ones we have here now do not work, or are never locked and have been like that since day one.

This is because the criminals keep cutting the locks off. And before the people down at the council start to jump on their high horses about this letter yet again, both themselves and the police have been told time after time who has removed the locks but they have done nothing about it. Because of this, anti-social behaviour and fly-tipping is still a problem on our back streets, along with other things.

Please let me say to Coun. Mottershead, yes you are right when you said they are popular with residents, but only if they are kept closed and locked and the criminals brought to justice.