LETTER: All gone quiet on the Lib-Dem front

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I SEE by the lack of comment by our Lib-Dem MP we appear to be in a quiet period with regard to his lack of promises, or should I say illusions. I thought for a fleeting moment he had seen the error of his ways but discarded the idea, almost as soon as it came into my head, as arrant nonsense. But what has been happening on the political front?

The Lib-Dems are busy discarding another of their cherished principles. Not content with abandoning everything they were supposed to hold sacred when they joined the Tories in the coalition from hell, and discarding their manifesto promises, we now have the added spectacle of watching them abandon their last remaining principle, arguably the one policy which defined them as serious political contenders, Europe!

When David Cameron used his veto and effectively marginalised Britain in Europe, Nick Clegg went into a sulk, but that was it; although he did put on a bit of a pantomime in an effort to convince his shellshocked party he was still pro-European.

Isn’t it marvellous what power does to a set of principles when there is the slightest chance of that power being snatched away? Anyone thinking this could spell the end of the coalition couldn’t be more wrong. Clegg went away, sulked, thought about what he should do, then attacked some French economist for daring to attack his mentor Cameron. And what does our Lib-Dem MP have to say about it all? Nothing. There is a deafening silence from that quarter, in fact to use a modern euphemism, he Clegged it, and is still Clegging it. Absolutely unbelievable.

I hope each and every one of the people of Burnley have a very happy and prosperous New Year. All the best from me and my family.