LETTER: After horse meat scandal we should consider how we shop

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I WONDER if the current scandal regarding food content should be a reminder to us all how hard some businesses will go to drive the very lowest prices out of the suppliers to ensure they can promote their produce at almost obscenely low prices.

I also think that maybe the public are just as guilty for allowing them to do so. When the big supermarket chains deserted the traditional high street years ago for mass space projects I suggest a bit of produce morality as well as our own went with it.

The economic downturn has put many parents under immense pressure to feed the family and frequently they have no alternative but to buy the cheapest items available, which may or may not have beef in the ingredients, or more worryingly horse meat, which is sold to us on the understanding it is actually beef from a cow!

Is this a reminder to us that if we are so inclined there is still your local butcher not too far away, who I would be confident enough to suggest will provide you with what you ask for with no foreign bodies as a cheap substitute although you may be required to spend few pennies more. I am as guilty as the next person for replacing quality local produce with cheap mass produced food.

Maybe after this sorry episode we should reconsider how we shop, where we shop and what we purchase.