LETTER: Abuse of Prime Minister David cameron from House of Lords - not rioting yob

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“(David) Cameron is seen as a toffee-nosed slime-bag, which is what he is. That is being polite to the man.”

These words were not scrawled on a public toilet wall by some yob, nor were they on the banner carried by a rioting anarchist.

They came from the mouth of a Liberal Democrat member of the House of Lords, namely Lord Greaves, who is from Pendle.

Those who have followed the political machinations of Tony Greaves over the years could be forgiven for thinking pot-kettle-black, while others will conclude they are the words of a bad loser. Both could be right.

However, I think the best response to the noble lord’s whinging was that given by one of the Prime Minister’s colleagues: “The best thing we can do for the Liberal Democrats is to help them through their adolescence as a party of Government”.

D. WALKER Barrowford