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Who will you be voting for?
Who will you be voting for?
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The worm appears to be turning.

In the Longridge vote 10-0 with two abstentions. In the Waddow View vote 8-4.

Is the message finally getting through to the Ribble Valley’s elected. You where elected by the people to represent the people and not to follow the planners reccomendations or your own personal views.

If Coun. Bibby cannot find any planning reason to object then I am sure the views of those who elected her would not go amiss.

Longridge has escaped this deluge of development, some villages have missed out thanks to our incompetent shambolic assembly of councillors.

Maybe the reason,that the worm is turning, is that these self-centered councillors are wary of the forthcoming election in May.

People of the Valley, please remember who voted to spoil your village. It wasn’t you, but those you elected.

Don’t forget this when they come a knocking for you to return them to office come nextMay. It’s closer than you think. I suggest it’s payback time.

Let’s hope the chimps’ tea party and a couple more fringe groups have candidates standing in that election.

Surely they will put those who elected to the forefront of their minds when making borough changing decisions. The damage, sadly, has been done.

Stephen Brown,

Sydney Ave, Whalley