Left with no food or no money thanks to Asda

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Over the weekend of April 12th and 13th, I placed an order online with ASDA supermarket and the time slot was for a noon to 2pm delivery. When my order did not turn up, I rang ASDA customer services to complain and they looked into it for me, telling me the order payment had been authorised by my bank.

However, because a member of the ASDA staff had processed my order at 6am and the bank granted the payment at 6-01am, ASDA took it upon themselves to cancel my order as they only accept authorisation from banks between midnight and 5am.

I complained and told ASDA customer services I had no food in the house and had no money to get any as they had taken the last of my money out of my bank. I am registered disabled with mental health problems and on benefits once a fortnight.

The person I spoke to at ASDA customer services told me they would investigate it and see what could be done.

On the Monday morning a manager from the ASDA at Colne (I live in Brierfield) rang to tell me that, because ASDA made the mistake, they would deliver my order between 6pm and 8pm that day (April 14th).

But 8pm came and went, and no order. I rang customer services again and was told they’d look into it for me and call me back. No-one called and, in total that night, I rang them four times.

Deciding I had had enough, I rang the store where the delivery would come from and asked them what was going on. I was tolod someone would ring me at 8am the following day. No-one did and I rang the store back up and was told someone would call me back. At 11am I received a call from a manager at the store informing me my order was not authorised for delivery as the bank had this time refused to release the payment.

Stunned, I rang customer services back and asked what was going on and why they went back to my bank. I was told that, in order for my initial order to be delivered, they had to go back to my bank for another payment. I asked what about the first payment and I was told that was a payment pending and the bank could release that back into my account.

I hung up the phone confused and, after speaking to my father, rang again, this time telling them I wanted my order delivered as I had no food in the house. I was told they could only put the money back into my account and the order could not be delivered.

When I said I wanted compensation I was offered a £5 gift voucher to be spent on my next shopping. That still leaves me without shopping and no money. Is this how ASDA values its customers?

I contacted my bank and told them what was going on and they said that, in order for the money to be put back into my account, I would have to give ASDA my account number and sort code. When I went to do this, the girl I spoke to did not know what a sort code was and when I gave my bank account number she told me she could not take it as it was not a secure telephone line. I asked her if she could take my debit card details and she said she could. I told her you can do more damage with someone’s debit card number than you can with the bank account number. She eventually took my full details and hung up.

This is how ASDA deals with disabled customers and I think it is disgusting.

Aaron (surname withheld)