Labour Party’s contaminated politics

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I fully endorse what Mr Pendle said in his column “Leadership bid a waste of time”.

Furthermore, I have no hesitation saying the Labour Party in Pendle for the last decade or so have become a waste of time altogether.

The majority of its elected members are playing no or limited role to serve or represent the people of Pendle particularly in Nelson and Brierfield. They are out of touch, have no vision and no clue about people’s need in their wards.

The party is led by a few individuals only interested to have more dumb and dull councillors elected so they can enjoy the power, be it by hook or by crook.

The prime example is and its on the record that, to fulfil their dubious desires, they are targeting a particular community in a particular area of Pendle.

The sensible and right-thinking people in the Labour Party are disappointed and powerless. For instance, party members protested and claimed in this very paper the Labour Party Parliamentary candidate’s selection was rigged but were afraid to come forward and powerless to challenge. 

It is about time the right-thinking people in the Labour Party woke up and began playing a positive and effective role to clear the party’s contaminated politics in Pendle.

Abdullah Zaid