Labour Party is out-of-touch with the people

Harley Holmes plays on the swings in Todmorden
Harley Holmes plays on the swings in Todmorden
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In response to Deputy Leader of Burnley Council Mark Townsend’s letter concerning the closure of Glebe Street Community Centre.

How dare Mr Townsend presume the decision to close Glebe Street is in the best interest of Burnley Wood? This coming from a councillor who lives in the rural outskirts of Burnley and knows nothing about the people of Burnley Wood.

This present Labour Party is so out of touch with the people of Burnley.

How can Mark Townsend state this issue regarding Glebe Street was a politically-motivated stunt? Does he not recognise the 2,000 people who signed the petition?

So Burnley Wood is going to have some lovely bright and shiny new houses. Let’s hope the people who move in don’t have children as there will be no green area for them to play.

Mrs L. Spencer