Kay questions over Ribble Valley homes boom

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It was interesting to read the over-lengthy article from the Conservative party spokesman Coun. Hill of Whalley.

It appears from reading that item, all the Clitheroe, Barrow and Whalley housing boom are the responsibility of one man, Mr Steve Rush.

That is if you believe all the rubbish Coun. Hill wrote.

I want to ask Coun. Hill for answers to the following questions:

1 – Which Conservative councillor stood and condemned anyone who spoke out on the way the RVBC was dealing with this housing boom at one of the first meetings of the Whalley action group some years ago?

2 – Which Conservative councillor condemned a speaker who claimed the figures RVBC was putting out, of about 200 houses only to be built before the Core Strategy comes into force, was not true and a figure of 3,000 to 4,000 would be a truer one?

This was witnessed by more than 40 people at a Henthorn action group meeting some years ago.

3 – Can Coun. Hill tell us how many houses have been passed and are in the pipeline to be approved since 2009. Is that number nearer the council’s stated figure above, or the ones stated by the speaker at the Henthorn action group meeting?

4 – Can Coun. Hill inform us who was at those meetings held down in London to “sort out” the problems of multi-building applications here in the Ribble Valley.

Maybe Coun. Hill or any of his party supporters can tell us how much in donations the Conservative Party receives from landowners and property developers?

It will make interesting reading if Coun. Hill replies, but don’t hold your breath on that one.

Ron Loebell,

Low Moor, Clitheroe