Joined-up railway and road thinking

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Is it not time the groups of people who want the Skipton to Colne railway reinstated and those who want a solution to the road bottlenecks got together and also include all those half-hearted individuals who believe or hope that neither will happen?

The site of the railway is determined, the track bed is there, disruption there will be, but why have more disruption a few yards further on with the new road/bypass cut through our countryside? Why not combine the two and have a cycle track as well?

A double rail track with a dual carriageway road on either side combined with a cycle track. Very safe as there will be no oncoming traffic. Could solve all our problems and provide a road and rail and cycleway between Colne and Skipton. Finance could be shared and I am sure grants for all three projects could be considerable.

OK, so along the route that width of infrastructure may not be feasible, the dual carriageway may have to become single but as each roadway is one direction, it should not be too much of a problem.

The present arguments for this or that route could be solved by one combined piece of planning and engineering.

Derek Mann