I would vote for Nigel Evans again

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans
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I feel very strongly that I must balance the rhetoric and insinuations of Mr Ron Loebell with some facts.

In defence of your “excessive coverage” of Mr Evans case, it is not often Ribble Valley makes headline news and a local paper is fully justified in giving the full story.

With regard to Mr Evans being “lucky not to be in prison”, may I remind readers he was found not guilty on all counts, unanimously. The knee-jerk reaction of the CPS in bringing this prosecution has cost the taxpayer and Mr Evans personally a lot of money.

As for his electoral popularity, some statistics:

1991, the so-called Poll Tax by-election, Mr Evans lost to a Liberal Democrat by 4,601 votes. A lot of people think this was a protest against the selection of an “outsider”, having had a local MP for many years.

In the following general election, Mr Evans had a majority of 6,542.

1997 increased to 6,640

2001 increased to 11,238

2005 increased to 14,171

2010 increased to 14,769

I believe this reflects his good work as a constituency MP who has earned respect locally and unlike many MPs has not been involved in expenses fiddles.

Should he be selected as our prospective MP at the next election, I will be voting for him.

Jim Wolstencroft

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