I’ve got a great family doctor

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When I read about it being difficult to get an appointment to see your GP I felt I must congratulate the practice where I am a patient.

The two GPs, nurses and receptionists make a fantastic, caring team. If you need an appointment, the receptionists go all out to try to get you seen the same day. Even if you are given a time near lunch time, our GPs do not just give 10 minutes.

Whatever you are suffering from, you are listened to. If there is an underlying cause to your illness you can rest assured it will be found.

There is an evening surgery for workers who cannot get there during their work time so their work is not interrupted.

Kiddrow Lane Health Centre is where the word vocation still exists. Give me small practices any time. Whoever sits behind the desk deciding change ought to listen to the GPs and their patients.

There are more problems with big health centres where it is more difficult to see a doctor of your choice and seeing someone you do not know or who only knows you from the computer.

Give us back our family doctors.

Satisfied resident

Ighten Road