I fully support the Bedroom Tax

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Recently, the Nelson Leader gave its front page to a member of the Labour Party to complain about the Bedroom Tax and how it is apparently bringing misery to everyone. Well, I’m sorry but I agree with it.

Why should I work hard, while sharing a house with friends because I couldn’t afford to pay the rent and bills on my own, pay tax so someone who doesn’t work can have a spare room?

The thing is, these are council houses, they’re supposed to be there for those who really need it, just like the Labour Party member running the petition.

I do not dispute he needs council accommodation ... but there are thousands of people across the country, who desperately need to be in council housing, who aren’t able to get one because people like him are in the property with spare rooms.

This is nonsense.

And, for the record, since he tell us this is why he joined Labour ... Labour introduced this policy for people in private accommodation and the Coalition has simply extended it to include council housing.

Sounds fair to me.

Jerry Buxton