I don’t go round with my eyes closed

A back yard in Burnley. (S)
A back yard in Burnley. (S)
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I must reply to a letter in the Burnley Express from a Mr Richard Aslin.

Could this be the same chap who is very good friends with the Bank Hall councillors and a member of Burnley Labour Party? I think so.

Firstly, let me start by saying my letter in the previous Express is not politically motivated claptrap whatsoever, just the truth.

It really should be yourself who gets the facts right before passing comment on parts of the area in which you do not live.

Yes, Mr Aslin, I have been out with one of our councillors on what you call inspection, just as you have down in lower Bank Hall, and I must add I have got a lot of photos of dirty backstreets and back yards just to prove I don’t go around with my eyes closed, as you suggest in your letter.

Brian Tomlinson

Cobden Street, Duke Bar