How do public-private sector ventures work?

Brierfield Mills
Brierfield Mills
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Hope “Name and Addressed Supplied” can stop feeling incensed long enough to answer these questions about PEARL2, as they seem to know an awful lot on the subject.

First of all, how does this joint venture actually work financially? Who get’s what percentage when a building is finished and then rented out but, more importantly, does it remain the property of Pendle Council?

Also, if Barnfield have all the “local knowledge, passion, manpower, expertise and, most importantly, capital with which they can assist”, why and where have most of Nelson’s historic buildings gone? Where has the stonework and great architecture been regenerated exactly? If PEARL2’s objective is to “regenerate our unique architecture, history and culture” why has there been so much demolition of terraced houses and where has the stone gone?

With Brierfield Mills as you put it, “on the horizon”, can you answer this: on the signs that have just been put on Brierfield Mills stating it is the latest PEARL2 project, what has happened to the number two? Why does it just read PEARL and not PEARL2? As the sign just says PEARL and the two has been left off, that means it’s a completely different partnership, does it not? This may be a genuine mistake.

I look forward to your answers.

J. Commons