Happy memories of Royal Engineers in Clitheroe

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Recently I’ve noticed articles about people to do with the Royal Engineers at Low Moor.

I am sure my mum would have been interested, but unfortunately she passed away in December 2013.

She attended the 25-year celebrations of the Royal Engineers in Low Moor.

My mum, Nora, lived with her mother Annie Leslie. She attended Ribblesdale School and Burnley Technical School. She met my father, Ernest John Gower, who was a Hampshire lad, and they married in 1942.

Mum worked in the Borough Treasurers and War Ag, and she used to go on watch at night. She also worked at Bellmans Quarry and Lucas.

We moved to Leamington Spa then Warwick in 1963 as Dad got a job with Warwickshire County Council. He had worked as a joiner/carpenter at the CWS at Mitton, the cement works and, before we left, Lancashire County Council on the then Lancaster by-pass.

He was a keen bell ringer and was Tower Master at St Mary’s, Clitheroe, and rang all over Lancashire. He also joined the Territorial Army at Preston.

When we moved to Leamington Spa, Dad carried on his ringing and Mum became Superintendent Registrar at Warwick. Unfortunately, Dad died in 1970. He always wore his R.E. tie.

I know Mum would have had some stories of the R.E. in Low Moor. Dad and Mum, pictured above, enjoyed walking round the countryside in the Clitheroe area and also rode their tandem in the local area and the Lake District. Mum always rode her bike in Clitheroe.

She was 90 when she died but always remembered her life in her home, Low Moor and Clitheroe. She was also in touch with at least three ladies who also maried R.E.s.

Pat Lovell

Kingsley Crescent, Bulkington, Bedworth, Warwickshire.