Financial storm is intensifying

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Recently there has been much comment among the national “chatterati’” about the cost of the living crisis, the plight of families in general and the dire situation facing young people in particular.

I think we have reached the point where three decades of blind adherence by the main political parties to neo-liberalism has reached a critical stage.

The “wage conveyor” has stalled. The significance of this is very profound indeed. I use the phrase “wage conveyor” as economically this is equivalent in climate terms to the Gulf Stream, which as readers will know has a major bearing on our weather. Once the “wage conveyor” stalls then the entire basis of the relationships between work, rewards and public funding unravels.

In metaphorical terms we are now entering an economic version of the film “The Day After To-morrow”.

The Conservative, Labour and Liberal-Democrat parties are coming forward with “solutions” but they are floundering and hopelessly adrift.

I see very little evidence they are anywhere near confronting the real cause of our travails and even less evidence among most of the mainstream media - but since a large part of the latter are in the business of promoting private and corporate interests this is hardly surprising.

One must be fearful for the future while retaining hope.

Once again those who are able to see the situation clearly and who grasp the significance of this change can start taking action to gain some protection against a storm that shows every sign of intensifying.

Kevin Hey