Dogs are trampling over graves

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I am incensed by the number of dog owners who allow their dogs to wander freely off the lead around Burnley Cemetery, allowing their dogs to trample over graves which have been lovingly cared for and tended and then to defecate on the footpaths and more often on someone’s grave.

There has been a lot of time and effort spent over the past couple of years by the gardeners, parks department and community payback teams to clear overgrown graves, in particular the bottom end of the cemetery which is now a lovely safer place to walk.

It must be so frustrating and annoying for them to see all their hard work tainted by turning up for work and being faced with clearing up another pile of dog dirt or worse treading in it.

I have also witnessed people taking in packs of working dogs, usually at weekend when there are no staff about, obviously rabbiting and hunting.

Isn’t it time more surveillance and CCTV is used with the threat of prosecution for all this anti-social behaviour and also installing dog bins so there is no excuse for not clearing up behind your dog?

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