Do I need to make an appointment to be ill?

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It isn’t often I put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard!). But I feel this is an important issue mentioned a lot in various different places, but obviously still isn’t fixed.

Today (Monday) I am off work sick so tried to make an appointment with my doctor’s surgery.

Imagine my surprise when told there aren’t any appointments with the doctor available and the first appointment available is with the practice nurse on Monday, February 23rd!

The first appointment with any of the doctors is the day after, on Tuesday, February 24th!

I have to ring daily to see if I can get a cancellation.

1. Forgive my sarcasm but are we supposed to plan in advance to be ill so we can get an appointment when we want it?

2. All this talk of too many people turning up to A&E for treatment when they should go to their doctors, which I agree they should go to their doctors. But look at the problems they face when they do!

It’s not the fault of the people at the surgery.

The system and the set up employed appears not to be fit for purpose.

Is there anybody out there with an answer to this problem?

Peter Warburton