Disgusted at the antics of our councillors

The grass verges
The grass verges
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In regard to retired County Coun. George Adam’s letter, I wholeheartedly agree that councillors are answerable but I do believe how you ask the question is important, too.

If you ask a question while being confrontational you are going to get little or no response from whoever the question is directed at. As I was there on that evening, I honestly feel it wasn’t the case of Mr Adam looking for an answer to his question, but I personally feel there is a hidden agenda behind his confrontational attitude towards Coun. Abdul Aziz on that evening.

Now, while we are on the subject of councillors as answerable to members of the public, myself and other residents of Avondale Road have had little and no response from either County Coun. Azhar Ali or Coun. Julie Henderson, who are members of the same political party as Mr Adam.

Instead, I personally have had to ring Lancashire County Council for updates to see where residents stand on the problem with grass verge outside our homes. It’s now been over two weeks since residents contacted the two councillors regarding this matter and still no response from either of them.

Fortunately, Lancashire County Council have kept us up to date with the matter in hand and we are happy with their decision but this doesn’t excuse the tardiness of the two councillors.

It would also seem there is a lack of professionalism and sense of duty while Pendle Labour sit within the council chamber during important meetings. While I was attending this meeting, three female members from the mentioned party were acting very immature and extremely difficult. And as a member of the public I was disgusted with them and I personally feel such antics should have been left back in their adolescent years.

Neil McGowan

Resident of Avondale Road