Disappointed in lack of Christmas lights

Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights
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After shopping in Clitheroe, I am dismayed at the lateness and lack of Christmas lighting in the main retail streets.

I don’t need Christmas to start too early, but people are already doing – or in fact have actually finished – their Christmas shopping and the lack of “Christmas spirit” in the main streets is depressing!

Barnoldswick and Barrowford already have their lights, and always look good and welcoming. Even little Padiham usually fares better than us!

Everyone goes on about attracting and encouraging visitors to spend their money here, but our main streets always look so drab with the same decorations year after year, even when the bulbs are actually working!

Now is the time to light up, not when we have all spent up and gone elsewhere.

When a town looks inviting at a main shopping time like this we are all in a spending mood. Don’t leave it too late please.

Linda Haslewood,