Demand MPs listen to the people over fracking

Isle MP Andrew Percy, speaking in the House of Commons.
Isle MP Andrew Percy, speaking in the House of Commons.
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In his letter, Mr Woolnough complains about the inequality of reporting of the fracking issue. I, too, feel there is an inequality.

Despite the excellent coverage in our local papers on the issue of fracking, I consider that wider coverage, both on television, radio and in the national newspapers, has not been balanced or particularly informative.

Having canvassed the people of Pendle and Burnley regarding fracking I am aware the majority are unaware of how potentially injurious the industry could be to all our lives.

Indeed, Mr Woolnough himself admits to concerns about the industry and I doubt he would be willing to allow fracking to go ahead if he was aware of all the dangers. The air we breathe, the water we drink and the land on which we grow our food and graze our animals would all be at risk from contamination. On a societal level, property values would plummet and house insurance premiums would rocket as has been experienced already on the Fylde coast.

In his letter, Mr Woolnough mentions wind turbines. It is often the case that those less in favour of renewable energy and more inclined towards the burning of fossil fuels always restrict their view of alternative energy sources to wind turbines.

Mr Woolnough has done the same thing and ignored the fact that, as well as wind power, we also have water power, both tidal and river, and solar power. As an island we are the best placed country in Europe to exploit all the benefits of renewable energy and so far this has not been done as successive governments have concentrated on continuing to invest in fossil fuels.

Mr Woolnough, and all your readers, should bear in mind this government is not doing the north west any favours by giving us the fracking industry despite the lies told about the provision of employment and the benefit to the economy.

As a body, Lancastrians should write to their MP and write to their councillors and demand they listen to the people. It is not too late to save the county from destruction.

J. Smith (Ms)

Messenger Street, Nelson