Create rail link, not a new road

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I write as an objector to the proposed Colne bypass.

The consultation should be extended as many people in the area are unaware of the proposal and consequences, particularly the industrial development along the route.

This area is renowned for its lovely open countryside, attracting walkers and tourists as well as established local walking groups. This proposal will destroy a lot of our open and peaceful countryside as well as walks along the canal.

This is an urban problem so an urban solution should be a priority. Why not widen North Valley Road and improve traffic controls to improve the traffic flow? A lot of this traffic is going to outlets along North Valley Road now anyway.

The planners should come and look for themselves at what they will be destroying. They must take into account the effect on local people and their enjoyment of our green and peaceful countryside as a means of escaping traffic noise and pollution. Once it is gone, it is gone forever.

The engineering difficulties particularly close to the canal are not adequately outlined. Has the Canals and Rivers Trust been contacted for its comments or concerns?

The money could be better invested in improving existing routes. A much more sustainable and environmentally sound solution would be to spend the proposed money on reopening the Colne to Skipton railway link.

This could take freight off our roads and restore the rail link across the north of the country. This route is largely protected and in fact owned by Lancashire County Council.

Sue Nike

Pasture Lane, Barrowford