Conservatives aim to make the rich richer

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I have read with interest the condemnations of the present system of this so-called democracy, and the implications it has on the housing mismanagement by Ribble Valley Borough Council, its officials and councillors.

First one has to look at the following to see where the present system has failed the people of Clitheroe and its near neighbours, Barrow and Whalley.

What have the following got in common? The present Government, our present MP, the majority of Ribble Valley councillors, the majority of landowners in the Ribble Valley, the developers that are now building here, the 24,000 who voted for our MP, who mostly live in the villages around here.

The answer is simple: they all support and finance the Conservative Party. The party which is, to my mind, one of worst offenders of that word democracy. The people of the mentioned town and villages above should remember that fact in any future elections.

They are a party that has one object in life; to make the rich richer and to keep the lower classes firmly in their place at the bottom rung of the ladder of life. Anyone who votes for them in the future really wants to take a long hard look at what they are voting for.

This week the police authority in Lancashire was told to cut more off their budget, making more people unemployed, yet Cameron’s lot announced that the aid to the rich oil nation called Nigeria (that country who persecutes the Christian faith) be given another £17m. more in aid, bringing it to a total of £217m. each year. Plus the £50m. each day we pay to our masters in Europe, makes you wonder who are the loonies in this country.

With regard to our present system of voting and election of councillors and MP in this area, I will, with permission of the editor, enlighten you, the readers, on what must be done to alter this undemocratic, one-sided system next week.

Ron Loebell,