Computer system is waste of taxpayers’ money

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Yet again we are informed of another colossal waste of taxpayers’ money on a computer system. This time it is the Home Office.

The “Immigration Case Work” system was to be a “flagship IT programme” and was commissioned just six years ago at a cost of £350m. Now it has been abandoned and they are using the older system that regularly freezes. The system was designed to “improve quality and accuracy in casework decisions” but has clearly failed in its expectations.

Just what is it that goes wrong with Government sector IT systems and why is it we never hear of anyone taking responsibility, let alone being disciplined or resigning, or for that matter those who supplied the products being taken to task?

A £209m. replacement system will not be ready until July, 2016, but how do we know it will work? In the meantime immigration remains in a mess.

It is time this kind of fiasco ends and those responsible pay the price, not the taxpayer.

Philip Griffiths

North-West President of UKIP