Brutal treatment of chickens

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Every year in the UK, more than 900 million chickens are slaughtered for the meat industry. Most are less than six weeks old when killed.

Animal Aid’s new undercover film shows what the terrified birds have to endure in their vast, overcrowded sheds as they are “caught up” by their delicate legs, thrown into crates and loaded onto pallet trucks. Birds who are “in the way” – usually because their underdeveloped legs are too weak to carry their weight – are kicked aside. In short, the birds are treated as unfeeling objects.

Even if the meat on your table is supposedly “higher welfare”, the way in which the chickens are caught and killed will almost certainly be the same brutal and terrifying method.

You can watch the short film on Animal Aid’s website. If you don’t like what you see, please make a difference by giving up meat.

You can order a free information pack at or by calling 01732 364546.

Fiona Pereira

Animal Aid