Bankrolling political candidates not on

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I read with interest an article that was published in the Sun national newspaper.

The article was stating that Unite, one of the largest unions, are targeting a large number of seats for the forthcoming General Election – and by targeting it actually means bankrolling individual candidates.

And what caught my eye was Labour Coun. Julie Cooper’s name was highlighted. I have since been told that Ms Cooper is receiving tens of thousands of pounds (I don’t know the exact amount) to fund her campaign.

Firstly, I find the amount of money is obscene to pay leaflets, postage etc. Secondly, I am a Unite member and have been for 15 years and I begrudge any monies I pay in are going towards leaflets trying to convince the people of Burnley that Ms Cooper is the person to represent us in Westminster.

I believe a person should be voted for by their merits and, looking back at Julie Cooper’s time as the Leader of Burnley Council, I am afraid no matter how big and costly her campaign will be, it will not sway me to vote for her.

Mrs P. Southern

Brunshaw Road