Appeal to remove beauty spot fence

The fence that has been erected around Spring Lodge.
The fence that has been erected around Spring Lodge.
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As reported recently, Mr Duckworth has taken the devastating step of closing the footpath along Spring Lodge to the people of his community.

Since moving to Sabden, I have walked the path on an almost daily basis to enjoy this beautiful spot, thrilling at the sight of a kingfisher and many other birds that frequent the site, and seeing the lodge in its many lovely guises.

I have not been alone in my appreciation as it is one of Sabden’s favourite beauty spots and the destination of a leisurely stroll for many families in the village. Going back many years it has been the site of leisure activities for the village. As long ago as 1946 (when winters were colder) local people used it for ice-skating and even swimming galas were held there.

This no longer happens, but feeding the ducks is a favourite activity for the children of Sabden. My first grandchild is due next summer and I was already looking forward to strolling the few hundred yards from my house to introduce my grandchild to the joys of the lodge, feeding the ducks and counting the ducklings.

Unfortunately, this is not to be as Mr Duckworth has decided to fence it off with barbed wire.

Apparently, there have been problems with people from outside the village fishing in the lodge. Surely not a good enough reason to deprive the whole village of the pleasure derived from visiting.

It will no longer be enjoyed by anyone, just an abandoned lonely place, its beauty hidden from everyone’s view. I’ve never seen the owners taking pleasure in what it has to offer so maybe they’re unaware of the pleasure it offers to the community in which they reside. I hope this letter offers them enlightenment, that they will reconsider their decision, and show some generosity to their neighbours.

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