Advice to dog owners: don’t move to Clitheroe

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I imagine I am only echoing the outrage from all the indignant dog walkers of Clitheroe.

As a dog owner, I am currently banned from my nearest field; Low Moor – a huge field where many dog owners have visited and been welcome for years. My dog and I now walk past and gaze upon a deserted blanket of grass unused by anyone.

All the people complaining about the deadly dog poo are obviously either cartwheeling on a different field or at home writing complaint letters about the weather.

To add insult to injury, the fields that are frequented more by people than dogs are strewn with litter. My dog often pics up plastic bottles or we have to detour around broken glass.

However the council doesn’t see this worthy of wardens and fines.

To all dog owners thinking of moving to Clitheroe, I don’t recommend it. You will forced to keep your dog on a lead or walk along paths so overgrown and unpleasant you will probably prefer doing laps of your own garden.

I add my voice to all those who have several little black bags full of what they think of these new rules.

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