Young Clitheroe athletes and netball players shine in competitions

The Year Seven boys' and girls' athletics teams.
The Year Seven boys' and girls' athletics teams.
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Students at Ribblesdale High School showed off their athleticism and netball skills in two recent competitions.

The Year Seven boys’ and girls’ athletics teams came fourth in the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Sports Hall Athletics Competition held at Oakhill College at Whalley.

The Year Seven netball team.

The Year Seven netball team.

Events included speed bounce, high jump, shot put, obstacle relay and numerous sprint and distance races; and there were many outstanding individual performances.

The girls’ team consisted of Lillia Hodgson, Keira Haxton, Betty Waddington, Trix Higginson, Lexie Moore, Lucy Turner, Eden Harris, Maicey-Ella Garner and Lola Creswell, while

Connor High, Rex Cameron, Charlie Day, Josh Hillary, Simon Mckenna, Jack Reedy, Jordon Dobson and Lucas Liversage were in the boys' team.

Meanwhile, the school's Year Seven netball team were also celebrating after coming third in the Hyndburn and Ribble Valley Netball Tournament held at Accrington Academy.

The netball team's Maicey-Ella Garner, Kiera Haxton, Eden Harris, Lola Creswell, Scarlett Camm, Lexie Moore, Lillia Hodgson, Lily Warren and Ruth Cameron all played exceptionally well despite the very cold weather, and they managed to win eight of their 10 matches, only losing by one goal to the eventual winners, St Augustine's RC High School at Billington.