Whatever happened to the value-for-money chippy tea?

A chippy tea used to be an affordable luxury
A chippy tea used to be an affordable luxury
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Most people, me included, have enjoyed many a ‘chippy tea’ over the years.

When I was a nipper it was seen as a cheap, filling way to feed the family. How times have changed. The other evening I was walking past a traditional fish and chip shop and was drawn towards it by the irresistible smell.

I pressed my nose against the window to see if I could make out the prices and almost reeled in horror.

Now I am no maths expert but by my reckoning a fish and chip supper, if you threw in a carton or two of mushy peas, would cost you in the region of £20 for a family of four.

Food prices seem to be going up at an alarming rate at the moment with staples such as potatoes leading the way.

I do worry for the future of the local chip shop and just hope that they do not go down the same slippery slope as many of the area’s pubs.

• On a brighter note, at the time of writing, the chances of Sean Dyche departing for Goodison Park have diminished if the betting odds are to be believed. Our very own Ginger Mourinho is bound to attract the attention of so-called bigger clubs.

But fingers crossed he will be here for the foreseeable future.