Whalley man’s amazing 22 marathon milestone!

Andy Ronnan
Andy Ronnan

MARATHON man Andrew Ronnan is believed to have set a new record by completing marathons in every city which has hosted the summer Olympics

The Whalley businessman crossed the finish line in the Melbourne Marathon on Sunday, reaching his goal of running a marathon in all 22 cities.

The 56-year-old completed the challenge in just under five hours and is delighted with his achievement.

He said: “When London won the bid back in 2005 to stage the 2012 Olympic games, I decided then to try to run the official marathon of every Olympic host city in the world.

“On September 18th I completed the Sydney marathon in just over five hours and on Sunday the Melbourne one.

“I have had some great support along the way and it looks like I’m the only person in Britain, if not the world, to have successfully completed a challenge like this.”

Andrew, who has three children, is no stranger to running long-distances races. He has previously pounded the streets of Athens, Paris, St Louis, London, Stockholm, Antwerp, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Berlin, Helsinki, Rome, Tokyo, Mexico City, Munich, Montreal, Moscow, Seoul, Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney and Beijing. Over the years he has raised thousands of pounds for charity.

He said: “I’ve had some great experiences along the way and feel very privileged at 56 to be well enough to have a go at it. The toughest course was Athens, but the hardest though was Mexico City because of the altitude and pollution.

“I will be running London for the 15th consecutive year, ideally purchasing something for a children’s hospice in each of the 22 host cities if that is possible.

“I’ve also had encouragement and support from London 2012 head office, which is very nice indeed as they are very busy at the moment!”