Whalley Beavers take part in space experiment

Whalley Beavers science seeds project (s)
Whalley Beavers science seeds project (s)
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Seeds that have been to outer space and back are now being sown in the capable hands of some very busy beavers.

For Whalley Beavers are among a selection of young people chosen to grow the aptly named rocket seeds as part of a huge science project. For the seeds were packed in Major Tim Peak’s suitcase when he travelled to the International Space Station in December. He took 2kg of the seeds with him but they have now been returned to Earth.

The groups taking part have been given 100 seeds that have been to space and 100 that have remained here. The experiment involves growing them both side by side to see if the seeds that have been in zero gravity will grow any differently from the the ones that have stayed here.

The experiment lasts for 35 days and the Beavers have to carry out various checks and measurements to watch how their seeds grow.

Beaver leader Dave Bamber said: “I read about the project on the Royal Horticultural Society website so I applied for it. I was blown away when we were chosen and to say the beavers are excited is an understatement.”