Watching ‘Breaking Bad’ messes with my head

Breaking Bad .... a moral dilemma
Breaking Bad .... a moral dilemma
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I am sure I am not alone in this, but I have recently rediscovered a side of my personality I am not sure I like very much.

I am an avid reader and also like to take in some of the more popular television series that have been around recently.

I have recently started catching up with the popular hit American series “Breaking Bad”.

I know I shouldn’t like it because it deals with a seedy world of drugs that is something I have never wanted to be involved in.

To cut a long one short, the central charcter is a chemistry teacher who is diagnosed with terminal cancer.

He discovers at the same time that a former pupil is a “cook” of meth amphetamine.

They join forces, people get murdered and their drug business becomes a multi-million dollar big business.

I shouldn’t want them to get away with it – and with a season and a half to go I have no idea how it eventually turns out.

But, and here is the side of my personality I don’t like, I actually do want them to go undiscovered.

I actually want the DEA to fail, especially as they are the usual American TV parodies of real-life agents.

And I want everyone to live happily ever after while wandering off into a beautiful New Mexican sunset.

I shouldn’t. I should want them busted and sent away for life.

But I don’t.

And, perhaps more worryingly, I never really spare a thought for the “victims” of the entire plot. The “end users” who have their lives ruined by these horrible drugs.

Does that mean that American TV executives are really clever? Probably.

Does it mean I really want to believe crime does pay? I fervently hope not.

Is it just good television and I should let my own morals and principles take a back seat for a few evenings? Probably, as long as when I get back to reality I remember who I really am and that every drug dealer in every walk of life should spend a very, very long time behind bars.