WATCH: This is the moment when Lancashire councillors went toe-to-toe over pay and display charges

Lib Dem group leader David Whipp (left) and Conservative leader of Lancashire County Council Geoff Driver
Lib Dem group leader David Whipp (left) and Conservative leader of Lancashire County Council Geoff Driver

When a cabinet meeting at Lancashire County Council descended into acrimony over a proposal to extend pay and display charges, a live webcast of the meeting was switched off - because the proceedings were officially adjourned.

But the heated discussion between Conservative council leader Geoff Driver and Liberal Democrat group leader David Whipp was caught on our camera.

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Cabinet members had been considering a proposal to launch a public consultation over introducing on-street car parking charges in almost a dozen areas where it is currently free to stop at the roadside.

The meeting was adjourned after County Cllr Whipp stood to present a petition - which County Cllr Driver says he did not see. Only cabinet members and the leaders of the main opposition party are allowed to address cabinet under the council's constitution.

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"At no time did County Cllr Whipp attempt to present a petition to me or Cabinet and I was not even aware he had one until much later," the Tory leader said.

"All he was doing is what he has done on many occasions before to disrupt the meeting and prevent Cabinet going about its legitimate business on behalf of the people of Lancashire.

"And there was no proposal to introduce charging for kerbside parking - the proposal was to consult on the possibility of doing so," County Cllr Driver added.

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But County Cllr Whipp defended his actions.

“The Conservatives have guillotined debate in full council meetings, curtailed the right of councillors to question the executive at cabinet and scrapped the executive scrutiny committee - they are systematically dismantling democracy.

"My actions were reasonable and proportionate. It was County Cllr Driver who advanced around the room and attempted to intimidate me," County Cllr Whipp said.

A public consultation on the parking proposal will begin in the new year.