Wash and brush-up for rescued spaniels

Jessica Ainsworth with one of her doggy customers
Jessica Ainsworth with one of her doggy customers
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Dog lovers Lucas Barr and Jessica Ainsworth just can’t resist English springer spaniels, those loveable brown-and-white gundogs with the floppy ears and soulful eyes.

And after setting up their own dog grooming salon, the couple aree offering free wash-and-trim treatments for rescued dogs that are waiting to be re-homed.

Self-confessed “dog mad” Lucas (25) and Jessica (26) set up their new business for all breeds in an existing grooming salon at Mitton Boarding Kennels, opposite Mitton Hall, and named it Bobbi’s, after their own pet springer spaniel.

They have started working with the charity North West Springer Spaniel Rescue, who house some of their rescued dogs at Mitton.

Lucas said: “We are hoping that giving the dogs a freshen up and clipping their coats will assist in them finding their forever homes, both through their online image and when prospective owners come to visit them.”

One of their first “customers”, a spaniel named Sam, is already attracting interest on the couple’s Facebook page bobbisdoggroomingsalon.

“Springers are lovely dogs,” says Lucas. “We love their temperament and how vibrant and active they are.

“However, some owners can’t cope because they’re so active, and the dogs get frustrated when they’re left on their own all day.

“We’d adopt them all ourselves if we could, but we haven’t the room.”

Lucas and Jessica aren’t just restricting their charity work to springer spaniels, and have offered their services to charities that rescue other breeds.