Valley’s Labour Party endorses Jeremy as leader

Jeremy Corbyn. (s)
Jeremy Corbyn. (s)
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Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has received a strong endorsement from the Ribble Valley Constituency Labour Party.

Members from both the Clitheroe and South Ribble branches met for a “Supporting Nomination” meeting which was attended by 73 people.

Of the 73 votes cast, 51 supported the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, while 21 supported Owen Smith.

CLP chair, Sue Riley, praised the manner in which the meeting had been conducted and thanked speakers for their contributions.

“As I would have expected, the meeting was friendly and polite and I want to thank the speakers supporting both candidates for their eloquent and sincere contributions to the debate. I also want to thank all those who helped with the smooth running of the meeting”.

Speakers included some of the youngest teenage members of the party and the oldest local party member, aged 91.

Ms Riley added: “This result shows that the majority of Labour members in the Ribble Valley believe that Jeremy Corbyn should have the support of the party.

“They want the Labour Party to go forward in unity to challenge the Conservatives.”