Valley MP delighted with Britain’s increasing prosperity

MP Nigel Evans delighted with employment figures
MP Nigel Evans delighted with employment figures
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Recent figures show, despite the gloomy projections of many economists and Remainers alike, Britain is in fact going from strength-to strength in terms of its employment rate, which stands at a record high of 75.3%.

In Ribble Valley alone, people on out-of-work benefits is now 42% lower than in 2010. Unemployment currently stands at 4.3%: its lowest level since 1975. Countries in the Eurozone, however, are struggling to keep pace with this economic success. France’s unemployment rate is 9.5%, Spain’s a massive 17.8%, and Belgium – despite tough talk from its capital, Brussels – is 6.8%.

Ribble Valley MP Nigel Evans responded to the news. He said: “I am thrilled to see Britain is thriving. It will continue to do so, especially now that our exit from the EU means we can take advantage of new and profitable trade opportunities with countries from all around the world.”

Ribble Valley’s pensioners and savers can remain hopeful that the confidence inspired by low rate of unemployment, 0.02% below the Bank of England’s estimate of a sustainable long-term level, may lead to interest rates finally being raised and the rise in inflation being stalled.

What is more, the number of workers aged 50 and upwards has reached a record 9.94m.

The number of women in work is also at an all-time high, and, according to the Office for National Statistics, 70% of the 379,000 new jobs created went to them.

He added: “I am excited to see Ribble Valley’s young people are gaining valuable work experience, which will make the local workforce even more skilled and able to compete nationally.”